Internal_server_failure (5): "unable to execute HTTP operation "search_query""

I am getting this error every few hours

internal_server_failure (5): “unable to execute HTTP operation “search_query””

on the Couchbase servers logs there is no error. I can ping the couchbase servers from the app server, nothing seem to be wrong, but when it starts to happen it just continue over and over until I restart my app.

How can I investigate more?

It sounds like the search works at first, but then after multiple searches it stops working?
Is it possible that resources are not being released after each search?
Can you show the complete error/stack trace? Can you show your app?


yes, most of the time is working, but from time to time I am getting the above error, and not quite often, like once a week it just remained blocked in this error, without being able to do any query. The cluster looks good, don’t see any error.

My app is a long running process, not sure exactly which part to share. I could share the function in which I am doing the query if this helps.

What do you mean by resources to not be released?

The part that fails when using couchbase.

What do you mean by resources to not be released?

Like a cluster objects being connected but never disconnected. Or anything else like that.

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