Error performing bulk get operation

Couchbase Version: 4.5.1 Community Edition.

Suddenly we got this below error and after restarting the couchbase it worked.Can anyone tell what is the cause of this below error and fixes.

“code”: 12008,
“msg”: “Error performing bulk get operation - cause: {4 errors, starting with Data request queue full, aborting query.}”

Thanks in Advance!

You can try with 4.6.3


We are suffering the same problem on 4.5.1 CE as well with a 3 nodes cluster. Any idea of why it’s happening? I have checked several Jira tickets but I could not come up with any conclusion in particular.

It was also solved after restarting every CB node.


There are many issues fixed after 4.5.1 You can try with latest version 4.6.3 or 4.6.4 and see if problem still exist

@vsr1 many thanks for your reply.

What about 5.0?

Additionally, do you acknowledge any fix in versions > 4.5.1 that can solve the problem described here?