Couchbase server not responding, the server is indexing the the views and I am not able to fetch any data


The couchbase server is not responding which is throwing an exception CouchbaseException and message :

Message: Client-Side timeout exceeded for operation. Inspect network conditions or increase the timeout.

When I opened the couchbase interface in browser its showing that the views are being indexed and I am not even able to query anything. I also did notice a warning:

Fall Over Warning:At least two severs are required to provide replication.

Is this issue because of the above warning. I am totally clueless on this.

Kindly help.


We will need more informations than that if you want us to help. What version of Couchbase are you running? What SDK? THe current state of your cluster etc…


I am using couchbase Version: 3.0.1 Community Edition (build-1444).
I am building an android application and for an administration panel I am using PHP. I am not able to upload the screen shot here since I am a new user. Please find the link to the image below:

Please let me know if any other information is required.

Thanking you,

@rameshnittali so are you getting this timeout message from your PHP application or the android one? Just to be clear, I guess you are connecting the android one through the sync gateway to couchbase, then use shadow buckets and access from PHP using the shadowed bucket?

Can you share more logs around that timeout? Also make sure to have all needed ports open (from the server side, 11210, 8091, 8092 and if 4.0 beta also 8093)