Installing on Windows without the use of PECL

Is there any guidance on installing on Windows without PECL.

  1. Download the C-SDK and copy the bin\lib*.dll files into the root of the PHP installation version.
  2. Download the PHP extension and copy these to the ext directory.

I’m running PHP 7.3.1 and getting the extensions showing up on some older versions using phpinfo(); But not the latest. Anyone had the same issues, or can help.

Thank you

I just ran through the paces using PHP 8.1, just to verify all is well, and I didn’t have any issues. I followed our docs, and there were only a few minor discrepancies I noticed.

First, notice that the PHP downloads include a copy of libcouchbase.dll that was released with it (and tested with it before release). Also, they should be going into your extension_dir (configured in your php.ini), which is usually just "./ext" on Windows.

You also need to make sure you’re matching up compatible Visual Studio binaries with compatible Thread Safety options and PHP ZTS for example.

  • I used: PHP 8.1 = VS16 x64 Thread Safe (2022-Feb-16 09:11:16) and PHP Couchbase = PHP 8.1 VC16 ZTS.
  • Copied libcouchbase.dll and php_couchbase.dll into the ./ext dir after confirming the extension_dir setting was using the default.
  • Added the extension to the php.ini using extension=couchbase
  • Added C:\php and C:\php\ext to my system PATH.
  • Since I used PHP 8.0+, JSON is already included, so no extra work required. Otherwise, it must be loaded before Couchbase, per the documentation.

If you’re still having problems, can you be very detailed about what’s going on and what you’ve tried?

Hey Ray,

That makes things a lot clearer, Thank you.

Using you the versions you mention, I’m getting everything working OK running under IIS, but under Apache (Laragon) it isn’t showing up in the phpinfo.

Should I be running the ZTS version under Apache? And NTS under IIS?

Thank you for everything so far.

What I can’t get working is with PHP 7.3.1 (php_couchbase-3.0.5-7.3-nts-vc15-x64) doesn’t work on either Apache or IIS.

Is there anything I can let you know to help?

Can you be really specific about how you installed and what you are observing? Specify each step in detail with specific version references, etc. Share your php.ini file here as well. Also share any warnings or errors in the logs or what output you see when trying to perform a simple phpinfo from a command line php invokation.

BTW, remember that on PHP 7.3, aside from matching the threading model details, you also have to make sure that the JSON component extension is loaded before the couchbase extension.

Thank you Ray…

here is my php.ini (23.6 KB)

I’m running php-7.4.19-Win32-vc15-x64

And couchbase “php_couchbase-3.2.2-7.4-nts-x64-openssl”

I have also attached the phpinfo output…
PHP 7.4.19 - (22.7 KB)

Thank you again.

I might not have much time to look at this for a while, but have you made sure you’re referencing the correct JSON module? Also, have you installed an configured OpenSSL correctly on the system and added it to PHP as well? As a short term test, you might want to try the non-ssl version just to see if everything else works and loads as expected.