Installing Couchbase Analytics for existing Cluster which is already configured

I installed and configured a single node couchbase server (v 5.0) and have some data stored on it.
Now I want to add Couchbase Analytics (DP4) as well but the installer that I downloaded from the couchbase downloads page is not working as it rolls back during the installation due to some error (details of the error are not available).

I saw the documentation where it indicates that you can add analytics during the cluster initialization process. But I don’t want to go through all that process of creating a backup server, transfer all my data and then reinstall couchbase server along with Analytics.

Please help…

Hello @krishan.jangid, I think the Analytics developer preview is a Couchbase Server 5.0 that comes with the Analytics Service. If you only want one node in your cluster, you’ll have to reinstall the server using the Analytics version. -Jeff

Yes, that it correct - a Couchbase Server 5.0 installation and an Analytics DP4 installation will conflict.

It is possible to connect the Analytics service of one cluster to the Data Service of another cluster. This avoids the backup and the reinstallation, but it requires a second cluster.

Hi @till, Can I connect analytics service of one cluster to the data service of a cluster which has version lower than 5.0 ?