Different minor versions in the same cluster

I’d like to add an analytics node to my cluster. My cluster is V 6.5.0, but I’d like to add an analytics node with V 6.6.4. Are minor versions inter-compatible within the same cluster?

Hello joes,

You can have up to 2 different versions of Couchbase Server in a cluster at the same time. This is a feature to facilitate our fully online upgrade process. Features in the newer version of Couchbase Server may not be available to the cluster unless all the nodes in the cluster have been upgraded to the higher version if there’s an incompatibility in the cluster. So it may be possible to add a node with a higher version to test a feature, but it wouldn’t be recommended, and instead we would suggest upgrading the entire cluster to the latest version to try out enhancements. Typically there aren’t any concerns with upgrading the cluster as backwards compatibility in the APIs would be expected to remain across minor releases.

Thank you,
Ian McCloy, Principal Product Manager.

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