Increment a field inside a document

Is there a way to send an increment command to a field inside a document without fetching the document previously?
I saw the increment command which only refer to the key and the increment.
I wish for a similar method that accepts key, field name, and increment.

bucket sales
key : 1,
“salesman_name” : “George”,
key : 2,
“salesman_name” : “John”,



Hi, no the increment command cannot be used on JSON at all. If you use incr/decr or the newer “counter” variants, the document solely consists of the number in it, no JSON allowed.
If you want to do that, you need to use get & cas operations to properly make that happen concurrently.

Thanks @daschl.
Hope you guys will change that in the future.

Yes, we are investigating many ways how we can make that happen, of course they all have tradeoffs.