Couchbase hidden documents

Hey all,

I was using bucket.counter(“counterName”,1,0); Where 1 is the step size and 0 is the initial value. But then after a while I wanted my counter to start from 1000 for example but using bucket.counter(“counterName”,1,1000) still kept continuing from where the left off before. After some investigation I noticed that if I use ‘select * from myBucket’ that value would be displayed as a single document with a single value.
So my question is, is there a way to access these documents and change that value either through Java or from the Couchbase UI?

Thank you!

Single value means it is JSON value (not JOSN object) , You can use bucket name or alias get/set/modify directly.
N1QL Update query looks as follows (Set clause directly uses alias instead of sub field)

UPDATE myBucket AS b USE KEYS "counterName"
SET b = 1000;