Json Atomic increment

Is there a golang API similar to counter available in other couchbase SDK’s that will help us to atomically increment certain fields inside a json document?

For example, I have a below struct with two fields which will be associated with a document D1

type Counter struct {
c1 string json:"c1"
c2 string json:"c2"

For every http request that comes in , I would like todo an atomic increment of c1 and c2. since it’s within a json document, am not able to use GET and not sure how to use counter method. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hey rrengamani,

Which Go SDK are you using?

Cheers, Brett

Hello Brett,

I am not sure how to find the SDK version but in my code i use this statement in the import

Is there a place where i can check the SDK version?


By the way, the couchbase am using is CB 3.0.1

go version we use is 1.2.1