ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application

I upgraded my sdk version from 2.5 to 3.2 using below command in Anaconda Prompt

python -m pip install couchbase==3.2 --upgrade

installation is successful but while doing “import couchbase” I’m getting the below error

ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

I use windows 10

Anyone please help me resolve this issue.

Hi @Kratos - This problem occurs when either a 32-bit Python interpreter is trying to read a 64-bit libcouchbase.dll or a 64-bit Python interpreter is trying to read a 32-bit libcouchbase.dll. So, we have to figure out why the environment is picking up the incorrect libcouchbase.dll. Can you provide feedback on the following?

  • What version of anaconda?
  • The output from the following
python -c "import sys;print(sys.version)"
  • Could you provide what you have in your PATH, PYTHON and PYTHONPATH environment variables (they might not all be set, but curious what would be in any or all 3)?
  • Also, have you previously installed a version of libcouchbase (the Couchbase C-SDK)?

The error indicates that certain “dependencies” required for the desired libraries were missing. This is a frequently encountered issue during the installation of Python packages, particularly on Windows. Prior to utilizing any library, it is advisable to verify if it necessitates additional libraries within the Python ecosystem.

The solution is to provide the interpreter with the python path to your module/library. The simplest solution is to append that path to your sys.path list. In your notebook, first try:

import sys

This is not a persistent modification to the sys.path, as your environment is reset when you log out, causing any variables you may have set to be lost.

A more effective (and enduring) approach to resolve this issue is by configuring your PYTHONPATH, which enables the interpreter to search for Python packages/modules in additional directories.

from BASH type: export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/new/folder:/another/path/...../ 

#each path must be separated by a colon