I am running enterprise in production

I am running the enterprise version for free in production, am I safe or one day it will shut down?

from my understanding, I will need a license in case I require some help/configuration, but if I don’t need any of that, am good to go right? like I can use the enterprise for free as long as I don’t need any support?

Hello @ceddy

Thank you for posting on the Couchbase forums.
For production use cases that have the Enterprise Edition of Couchbase Server deployed, a software license will need to be purchased. We have a licensing FAQ on our website at https://www.couchbase.com/licensing-and-support-faq that covers this and other topics.

If you have any further licensing questions, you can reach our Sales and Legal teams at sales@couchbase.com and legal@couchbase.com

Thank you,
Ian McCloy - Couchbase Principal Product Manager