Console > Buckets > Operations per second graph rotating?

Hi All, this past week I upgraded 3 datacenters from v4.1.0 to v4.5.0 of Couchbase Server.

On v4.1.0 The Couchbase Console (web gui) “Overview” tab, “Buckets” Operations per second Graph used to appear to be measuring about 1 hour of time for possible all buckets OPS/Sec. If I saw a spike it would gradually over the hour migrate from Left to right as time went on.

In all 3 of my Datacenters this graph seems to be way more dynamic. I’m not really sure what it’s telling me anymore.

I made a video on youtube to demo this behavior. Anyone know what really going on? Is this the ‘new norm’ or is something ‘wonky’?

Youtube view of Ops/sec graph