Ops per second graph

I have a question i am trying to replicate the data from the UI for " operations per second" so i can use it for monitoring. The problem that iam running into is that i dont get the same result as the graph. The notes in the UI say just add cmd_get|cmd_set|incr_misses|incr_hits|decr_misses|decr_hits|delete_misses|delete_hits to get the value. However if i add them i see the result in millons. However, on the graph its in thousands. Does anyone know exactly how to get the same exact data as it is on the graph? Thank you.

Could you please tell us how do you get these stats?

In the admin UI, if you click the buckets you get the values. However the way i was able to get this number via command line is by running the following. I added these values per what the graph said in the UI

/opt/couchbase/bin/cbstats ${HOST}:11211 all -b ${buckets} -p jumptap | egrep ‘cmd_get|cmd_set|incr_misses|incr_hits|decr_misses|decr_hits|delete_misses|delete_hits’

I got the total number which is a lot higher then the actual graph. However, i cant figure out why this number is so much higher then what the graph represents

The problem is that memcached just reports a number of times certain operations happened since its start. Management console periodically samples these stats and differentiates them to show the ratios. You should be using REST API to get these processed stats. See this for details.