How to replicate data from couchbase to oracle

I have to replicate a bucket from couchbase to oracle. What is the best way of doing that??

You will have to write some code that takes your JSON documents and split them as table rows. If you want to do some real time replication I would suggest looking at Kafka.

Here is another option for you if you already have access to GoldenGate.

The thing though is that straight moving from Oracle to Couchbase may not be the best idea, it depends. From years of experience, we have found that a one-to-one conversion does not lead to the best performance or highest and best use of Couchbase. What we have found is that a purpose built schema for an application that plays to the strengths of Couchbase and the access patterns of the application is the best option.

That said, a common starting point for most people is convert their existing relational data model to create separate documents types, one for each table in their relational database and each row of that table becomes a new document in Couchbase of that type. Which is what the link I pasted above using GoldenGate does. This provides an initial view of their data in JSON for them to visualize. They usually find out quickly that there are ways to optimize the schema for how their application functions and for best performance in Couchbase. Most people then progress to design their schema around application and user access patterns, not database storage needs like many have to do with relational databases. In Couchbase, we like to talk about optimizing for the applications “hot path”, meaning what data access patterns are the most critical and for what reasons. The schema can be tailored to these access patterns. This will ultimately offers architects and developers greatest flexibility and performance, but also the other reasons people switch to a database like Couchbase. For some reading of object modeling in Couchbase, please see appendix A of this document.

Thanks… We dont need real time sync. So we decided we will write a process which syncs the data nightly.

Can anyone suggest the best way to create a sync mechanism based on the changes done to the data objects in Couchbase. In other words sync only the changes made in Couchbase to Oracle?