Oracle to couchbase real time sync using oracle Goldengate adaptor will it update the rev of the couchbase document created

I have got a scenario where in when we update a document in couchbase from oracle through oracle golden gate adaptor will it update the document rev .

Oracle GoldenGate adapter updates from Oracle directly to Couchbase Server. Are you using bucket shadowing? If not, this won’t work.

You’re generally going to be better off working through Sync Gateway. Looking at the code in one option might be to adapt it to use the Java version of Couchbase Lite.

Thanks for sharing good question.
This is exactly what Oracle GoldenGate does. It takes transactions from an Oracle database and propagate to a target data store. Couchbase is not a supported target out-of-the-box yet, so you can use Oracle GoldenGate for Java adapter to act as the handler process.

@richawilliams280306 and @hod.greeley - Can you please help providing any other methods to get the data replicated to CB from Oracle . I have TB of data needs to move and need optimizer way to move segment by segment . Goldengate essentially means we need Oracle license for it . Without this we got another publications as below which doesn’t need GG but caveat for this is it doesn’t depicts how to migrate based on query because the table is huge which can’t be specified as -DoraTables=

Hi, @jainstella this would help you achieve your goal, have a look at this official connector for Couchbase