Couchbase with pure JavaScript

In the old days I used Couchbase with pure JavaScript: no node server, no libraries, no nothing. Just making http requests.

I have the need to do this again. We have a project where our code is injected into another page. Can’t use libraries, too big.

Not our environment, so no server access.

We need to come and go strictly from xmlHTTP requests.

Can that still work?


You can still use the REST endpoints to interact with the server. (e.g. Frequently CURL is used for requests to the Query service.)

Documentation on all the REST APIs can be found here:


You may wish to look at the try-cb-xxx examples ( GitHub - couchbaselabs/try-cb-nodejs , try-cb-java etc). They use a separate application to call the SDK, which is called via REST from the actual application.

@ericatcorrio1 out of curiosity, how do you plan to solve the traditional security problem of calling databases directly from the frontend - e.g. having to store or pass credentials through the browser?