How to know an index has completed updating

If a large amount of documents are inserted into couchbase (say 1 million) and they all have the same unique version tag. What is the best way to know that the indexer has finished indexing all of those documents of that version?

Would a simple select query to get a count of the number of documents of that version be enough to know that all of the indexes have finished indexing that version?

For example when select count(*) from bucket where version = ‘10’
If count is 1 million, then I can assume all the indexes have caught up?

If the version is leading index key the above query can be used.

Do all indexes get updated at the same time when new records are added? When the indexer reviews a new document does it consider that document for all of the indexes at once or does each index pull a copy of the document separately to determine if it should be indexed?

all indexes on the same index service node and belonging to the same bucket get updated together.