How to know the indexing progress of fts?

Hello Couchbase community. I am creating a couchbase fts index using the rest api and i would like to know the progress of the indexing like if all the documents have been processed, is there a way to do that?

Go to this endpoint …

GET http://<ip>:8094/api/nsstats

which will emit to you a bunch of process level and indexes level stats. For the the specific index, check num_mutations_to_index. A value:0 for the stat indicates that the index has completely caught up.

hello @abhinav is there a way to make call to a specific index than making a generic call like above and also from what i understand if num_mutations_to_index value is zero than the index creation process is complete is that what you mean by caught up??

pardon me here with lot of my questions , i also see that num_mutations_to_index is zero but still the index_progress bar in the ui is not completed is this totally normal.

Thanks a lot for the response.

That’s true, I did recommend a generic endpoint. What version of couchbase are you on?
If you go to one of the more recent ones like 7.1+, you’ll have this endpoint to work with …

GET http://<ip>:8094//api/stats/index/{indexName}/progress

… which will showcase num_mutations_to_index and doc_count that you can leverage. num_mutations_to_index reaching 0 does signify that the index has caught up with the bucket.

The Index Progress bar jumping up and down could be because of multiple reasons -

  • Delated UI updates
  • In current releases, it is determined not based on num_mutations_to_index but on the rate at which your search index is ingesting batches of documents being sent from the couchbase bucket.

So, I’d rely on num_mutations_to_index to effectively determine the state of the index.

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