1 mutations remaining

I have a script which checks for existing document, if exists it will be updated otherwise a new document will be created.
This happens with hundreds of datasets in a “foreach” loop in PHP. with the PHP SDK lib
During this process the Couchbase server did not response on other SELECT queries and all indexes are in state " 1 mutations remaining"
The result for the SELECT are normally comes after 10ms.

The Server did not run out of RAM or CPU.

In the DB are 300.000 Documents with different types

Version is Couchbase CE 6.6

Any ideas for this?

@markdg Thank you for reaching out. If the indexes are built & ready what you see as “1 mutation remaining” may just be a statistic on UI representing how far behind indexes are w.r.t data in bucket. If the index builds never completed, it will be a different issue. Indexes should not be in this state. It appears your SELECT … queries themselves are working fine (not failing). Please correct me if I am wrong. If you are noticing a certain issue, to analyse further, could you please share necessary cbcollect logs? Thank you!

@jeelan.poola thank you for your response.
The “1 mutation remaining” disappears as soon the update loop ends.
I have find out that the SELECT statement works in the Couchbase UI during the Import process, but not via the API from my Symfony UI.
The Couchbase Server has 36 connections during the import process.
Can it be possible that the SDK blocks?

How can I collect the cbcollect logs?

Thank you!

Hi @markdg ,

Following link provides documentation to collect logs. You can use that.