How to find my Couchbase framework Edition in iOS?

Hi, I’m using the Couchbase Lite framework in my iOS Mobile application. I’ve added the Couchbase Lite by downloading the framework. And it’s been many days I’ve added the Framework. How can I know what type of Couchbase Lite Edition (Enterprise or Community) framework added to my project?

If you have a copy of your original download, the LICENSE.txt file tells you whether it’s community edition or enterprise edition. However, if you only keep the framework libraries, and embedded into your project already, then you can check by jumping to Couchbase Lite library definition, such as if you have used Database object, then in Xcode, right click the Database object, then Jump to Definition, if you can see something like below, then it’s EE. If you don’t even see a feature belongs to EE feature, such as prediction, then you are using CE.

extension Database {



/// The predictive model manager for registering and unregistering predictive models.

public static let prediction: CouchbaseLiteSwift.Prediction


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In addition to what Eunice suggested, you can click on definition of CouchbaseLite module that you imported and search for “Enterprise”. If its CE, you will not find any EE definition in there

(Command Click to get to definition of CouchbaseLite where you imported framework)
import CouchbaseLiteSwift

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