Support for encryption in CE

Can someone please confirm whether encryption is supported in the community edition of couchbase lite core. I am trying to use encryption but getting a “unsupported encryption algorithm” error when creating the database and I have a vague memory of this being only supported in the enterprise edition.

Yes. I confirm that encryption is not supported in the community edition

Ok, thank you. So can I get a version of Lite Core for enterprise or does it all come as a package with the API?

Ah, I see there is a build configuration in Xcode for the EE version.

Thanks for your help.

You won’t be able to build the configuration without the closed source components. We don’t offer LiteCore as a standalone product so there is no way to access just LiteCore EE. We are working on a C API for Couchbase Lite, though, if that interests you.

We do have a license here so I was hoping it would be possible to take the Obj-C or Swift products and extract the libs I need. Does that sound reasonable? Would it cause licensing issues?

I am very interested in the C API, unfortunately its not going to be released in time.

If you are able to, it sounds reasonable to me (as someone who is not a lawyer) but as far as I know it is statically linked into Couchbase Lite for Obj-C / Swift. I have a bit of a whacky idea that I will send as a PM though.

LiteCore is statically linked, so it’s not possible to extract it. (Unless it’s dynamic in the .NET version for iOS?)

@jens It is :wink: . I wasn’t sure if he was using iOS or macOS but it’s dynamic for both.