Why syntax changed in couchbase mobile enterprise edition and community edition?

I have been using couch base mobile community edition. But today i decided to use enterprise edition so I updated my server couch base syn gateway and couch base server to enterprise edition. But when I update couch base mobile lite to enterprise edition in swift all syntex were changed.

For example CBLModel CBDatabase all these classes are not working any more.

Can you please help me. can i use couchbase mobile lite as community edition and server, syn gateway as enterpirce edition. or do we have any other solution?

But if i try to use couchbase mobile lite as community edition and server, sync gateway as an enterprise edition. data sync not working.

Assuming from those classes that you are referring to 1.4 (If not, please specify the platform). There should be no difference in the interface between CBL 1.4 Enterprise and CE. It is very likely that the framework hasn’t been linked correctly with your project - so double check .

Also, want to double check that you have read and aware of the licensing requirements for Enterprise Edition when you take it to production.