Moving SQL server data to Couchbase using .Net

I am migrating an existing web application ( SQL Server 2012, ASP.NET MVC) to a new one with Couchbase and ASP.NET MVC.
I want to move my data in SQL Server to Couchbase. How can I move the data.

I have read @ldoguin blog
which is using JAVA. Can you help me how can I do it in .Net.

I have added a WCF Services and included EDMX file with my data entities. How can I now proceed to take the data from SQL Server and dump it into Couchbase server. How will I configure couchbase here.

@nithisha -

We are working on a post for migrating from EF to Couchbase Server and Linq2Couchbase. In the meantime, you’ll need to take an approach that is similar to what @ldoguin showed in his blog post. The high level steps would be:

  1. Model a JSON document structure based off your RDBMS schema that satisfies your requirements.

  2. Construct a query to pull the documents from SQLServer

  3. Use the Couchbase .NET SDK to insert the hydrated EF objects into CB - you may want to create an additional POCO layer which fits the document structure better - the RDBMS structure probably won’t work well as a JSON structure, however its entirely dependent upon how the data is mapped in EF.



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Thanks @jmorris . I migrated my data successfully. :slight_smile:

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