How to enable eventing service

When i setup couchbase at that time I unselect evnting service. but now I want it. when i opren Eventing tab it say : “No Eventing nodes were found on this cluster.” can you please help me to enable it

I try following :
curl -u Administrator:password
-d ‘hostname=’
-d ‘services=eventing’

but it return :
[“Prepare join failed. Joining node to itself is not allowed.”]

How I can enable service in single node ?

@Dhaval I am assuming you are using Community Edition of Couchbase.

  • An existing nodes service assignment cannot be changed without removing it and adding it back.
  • On a single node, you need to uninstall and reinstall to get all services.
  • Best option is to bring in a new node by enabling all services and do a swap rebalance

Thank you