Getting rebalance error eventing-producer not found


I am getting the below error when trying to rebalance a cluster of 2 nodes after removing a node. But it gives the below error every time. Now it’s not even allowing us to add back the node and it has been pending for a very long time.

Service ‘eventing’ exited with status 1. Restarting. Messages: [goport(/opt/couchbase/bin/eventing-producer)] 2024/06/27 18:51:03 failed to start child: fork/exec /opt/couchbase/bin/eventing-producer: no such file or directory

We have tried a lot of things but couldn’t locate this file and neither removed the node from the cluster.
You help is appreciated.

What is in the /opt/couchbase/bin/ directory?

“eventing-producer” is the main executable file for running eventing service. Babysitter process will start this process. Looks like babysitter not able to find the binary in /opt/couchbase/bin which contains all the executable file after installing couchbase. Is the couchbase binary installed correctly in that system? Could you please try to reinstall the couchbase process on that node?