How to add 2 VM nodes with the same IP to an existing cluster? (Resolved)

I have 3 Virtual Machines on the same server at my university. I want to have a distributed database system and as far as I can tell I need to create a cluster with multiple nodes for that.
Here is the problem: My university loaded all 3 Virtual Machines on the same server (since I checked all 3 of them and they have the same IP address). I think that I will not be able to add them as nodes to a cluster if they all share the same IP. Is there a simple solution for this or do I need to contact the server’s administrator to see what he can do?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Rus_Adrian,
I have a question. What is the IP of all three servers? How do you ssh to those 3 virtual servers from outside?

I resolved the issue with my sistem administrator in the meantime. Thanks for the response.

did they allocated unique ip for each VM node ?

solution for this kind of situation i starting each couchbase on different port like 1-8091 2- 7091- 3 - 6091 (bascially open ports : which are not being used by other services , this how i do MongoDB , can we do this for Couchbase ?

The server admin allocated new IPs. So that resolved the issue.