Create a new Couchbase Cluster with Existing Cluster

Hi. we have 3 virtual machines which have ubuntu 18 installed. They are running one older version of Couchbase in clustered state.

Now we want to install another Couchbase version in clustered state on same 3 servers which means that two different Couchbase clusters will be running on same 3 servers.

is it possible to achieve this ? I see we can install two installations on same server but I am not able to understand if that will work in our case.

Hello manideep.singh,

You’ve got 3 virtual machines running a cluster of Couchbase Server and you want to run a 2nd cluster on the same virtual machines ?

Is it possible, as per the documentation, But I would highly suggest that you don’t go this route. It is not supported for production environments and it would be best practice to deploy 3 additional VMs for your new cluster. Or any other technology of your choice such as using Docker containers.

Ian McCloy (Principal Product Manager, Couchbase)