How do you know of a cluster member is in use?

How can I discover a server in a particular cluster is in use?

Is there a log that indicates the service has received requests for the service within a certain time frame?

What would such a message look like?


I have a cluster with a server running the Analytics service. This server was introduced to work with a now defunct application.

Since the Analytics server’s introduction, other applications may have started using it.

The developers of these applications are unable to say.

What can I look for in the server’s logs to indicate whether some application is using the the Analytics service?

Thank you.

analytics stats that are available : Analytics Service Metrics | Couchbase Docs

for example :


See Statistics | Couchbase Docs

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I get Not found. as a response for this and similar stat requests.

I’ve used a few users. The most recent has cluster admin privileges. Another was full admin.

On the same port with the same user, I can perform other REST requests, like rebalancing.

That url is only in versions 7.0+

Look at Analytics REST API | Couchbase Docs
But I don’t see anything that returns stats.

This is what the experts told me:

you can check if they have any analytics datasets from couchbase.log. They can also do it themselves by checking the metadata catalog using:
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Metadata.`Dataset` d
WHERE d.DataverseName != "Metadata";
If the result is 0, then they don't have any analytics datasets.
I believe you can access the analytics service stats using this API, but I'm not sure if those stats can give a clear indication whether or not the service is used:
cbas_disk_used in that list might be the only indication. Those stats should also be available in the UI.
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