Monitoring Alerts through API or CLI?


I have a CouchBase cluster running version 2.1 community edition and would like to know how can I monitor the log entries that we see in the CouchBase UI ?

I’m been using the cbstats tool for statistics but I’m more interest to catch cases where the cluster is seeing a node in a up/down state or when a node is leaving the cluster.

I have been having problems with my CouchBase cluster and only discove the issue when I manually login in the UI and see those entries in the logs that a node server has problems or it has corrupted data.

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks in advance,

The health check of the whole cluster can be gotten by doing a curl against http://(ip_address):8091/pools/default/ … remember to pass username and password.

if you want to see possible auto failover or logs go to:

if you want very fine grain detail.
This is a minute stat and you will get lots of data from it.