How can I find out when is Couchbase reindexing a design document?

Hi all.

We’re trying to find out how many times Couchbase indexes a certain design document, when does it exactly index and how many time does the server needs to index.
We have generated logs via cbcollect_info and we have found some information, e.g. ns_server.couchdb.log shows information about “Indexing time” but this info doesn’t fit in with the params updateInterval and updateMinChanges, because we have two index-process in just three seconds (and our updateInterval is set to 5000 ms).

Why do we have (in our logs) two different “Indexing time” entries in less than 5 seconds? Are we looking the answers in the correct log?

Thanks in advance.

PS: We are using PHP SDK and using “ok” as stale parameter every time we call view method.