Cycle create view index when publish a Spatial View

function (doc) {
var edate=Date.parse(doc.EDate);
var xdate=Date.parse(doc.XDate);
var lbq=doc.LowestQuantity;
var hbq=doc.HighestQuantity;

this is the view, i published it yesterday,at first i thought it creating slowly because of its docs amouts(3milllions+),but today it is still creating index.So i go to see the view index file and i find its size is in flux between 100m and 100k.Is my view has problem?

hi @hubo3085632
can you do a cbcollect_info to collect the server side logs and upload them somewhere one of us can have a look at them?

yes,i am export the log , can you give me your email,the log is a little big.

maybe @cihangirb or @drigby can tell you where to upload it and then have a look at it, I won’t be able to debug a problem with the view engine I’m afraid…