How about official native Erlang client?

It’s very sad, that project in which Erlang code take big share has no native client for Erlang. It’s only thing which prevent using your beautiful software in big distributed projects. When it’s possible to get native (not third-party) client for Erlang ?


The “official clients” are based on the most popular languages used to build applications at the top of Couchbase Server. Today Erlang has not been used a lot to build application, this is why you do not see any official Erlang client in the roadmap.


I disagree, Erlang is now grown and examples out there of big large systems built on top of it. Whats-app uses Erlang to mention but a few. How big does a system need to get ?

I have tried to find out as well but in vain:

Erlang is a great language and has been used to develop large systems. I mean for Christ sakes, Whats-app uses Erlang !!! How big can a system get hah ? there are many many examples out there. In fact Couchbase itself uses Erlang, so what makes them think that Erlang ain’t used in large systems out there ?