Any chance for officially supported Perl client library?

Hi there,

I’m considering to use Couchbase Server in production for project I’m working on.
In the beginning my plan is to use it as a Key-Value storage exclusively, and for that I can use existing memcached client libraries (big thank you for the full compatibility with memcache protocol BTW!) as Cache::Memcached::Fast for example. But later, and I’m quite sure about it, I’d want to use more advanced features as N1QL queries and Sub-Document API.
I know about Couchbase module on CPAN, but the author warns that it’s not officially supported by Couchbase. Which I guess means that it doesn’t get new features and bug fixes as fast as official clients.
So, my question is this: is there any chance to see officially supported Perl client in the nearest future?

Thanks for developing a great product!

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Hi Dmitry, as far as I know we have no plans to support a PERL SDK in the near future.

Thanks for your positive feedback!

I would also like to have a official supported perl client. Is there anything we can do to get one in the future? As a enterprise customer it’s also a question if we should still pay for a partially supported product or go with community edition, because there anyway no perl support.

Best to have a chat with your friendly neighborhood Couchbase representatives. They’ll be able to help you further with what the roadmap is.