Couchbase Server SDK

Hello community. I thank Couchbase for giving to us this incredible technology and for the hard work to always keep it up to speed. Couchbase is perhaps, one of the most reliable NoSQL systems out there.

Now, i am generally an Erlang/OTP programmer. I have found it to be a quick prototyping language over the days. Unfortunately, it is not covered in the Client SDKs. It would be easy to make ourselves one, but the SASL authentication mechanism is slightly hard to get over by. I wonder, is it the only way of authenticating with the Couchbase server ? The unofficial Erlang SDK on Github which uses NIFs -> C, is poorly maintained, lacks features and does not keep up with the growing capabilities of the couchbase server. The old RESTFul API reference in the old days used to make things slightly easy, and in fact, due to this, some of our applications still depend on couchbase server 1.x till now.

The main question is about Erlang/OTP. It is probably it may not be profitable for couchbase to create us an SDK as well. The largely growing Erlang community has since remained glued onto couchDB because of lack of an SDK to work with Couchbase Server. CouchDB has its many limitations as you well know.

What other reason, other than zero profit, would couchbase throw Erlang off the official client SDK list ? It is therefore also, my kind request that, if any Erlang developers are part of this community, suggest ways in which we can have an Official Erlang SDK.

Thank you all.