Grafana plugin needs more love

I think that tighter integration with Grafana will offer many new possibilities for Couchbase, especially since the official web UI is somewhat minimal.
However, due in part to a lack of documentation on the Grafana side, it took me several hours of trial and error to install the plugin to my Grafana instance. Unfortunately, I discovered that the plugin only supports Unix milliseconds for timestamps. It should be a simple matter to add support for fractional seconds with some additional regex, but I imagine that many potential users may have been discouraged by the installation process and may have turned away before providing useful feedback.

Is there anybody who is / tried using Grafana data source plugin around here? GitHub - couchbaselabs/grafana-plugin: Grafana Couchbase datasource plugin

Hi - kai-abc - The grafana-plugin repository is public! Please create a pull request for the changes that you would like.

  • Mike

Yeah I know, you can find the URL in my original post.

Public - as-in you can contribute to it. Including documentation. And supporting fractional seconds.

After spending some time with the Grafana plugin, I realized that it is not useful for general use, and is at best an incomplete code sample. It may help the authors pass a term-end review, but in its current shape, I don’t believe that it will help me to achieve anything practical.

While I do not expect to play a leading role in shaping the future of a commercial product component, I am grateful that Couchbase has an OSS version. So, as a sign of respect, I wanted to share my review of the plugin.

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