I made a little gui tool to help with running N1QL queries

This is a little GUI tool built with Tkinter. I tested it with Python 3.4.3, and the Couchbase client 2.0.1. Hope that people find it as useful as I already find it.

I have tested it on Windows and Mac OS X and it should probably work fine on Linux as well.

QueryRunner.py can be obtained by using hg (mercurial) to clone https://bitbucket.org/wpostma/couchbase-utilities

Or use the Download ZIP feature on Bitbucket site to get a ZIP file.

If the forums let me upload it, I would have uploaded it too. If I was allowed to upload a screenshot I would have uploaded one of those too.


Hi Warren,

Can you email me a screenshot and I’ll try to upload it?

I’ll also check out your tool after our conference rush next week.

Gerald (at) (couchbase) (dot) (com)

I’ve upped your trust level (see this description of discourse trust levels, an anti-spam necessity) so you can post screenshots, etc.

Hi Warren, Your GUI Tool received a mention in one of the N1QL presentations at Couchbase conference. Way to go!

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I was at that talk too, and said hello to Gerald in person.


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Pulling now - thanks for sharing!

I have created a small Gist with a few N1QL queries, to get you started learning the new query language: