Getting "Cannot Access Internal Constructor 'Document' here" on 2.0

So, I’m on Xamarin trying to use the 2.0 (build 21). I’ve been having this issue, that, when I try to instantiate a new Document like:

var doc = new Document();

I get the following error:

“Cannot Access Internal Constructor ‘Document’ here”.

The Document refers to a internal method, thats why I am unable to use it.

So, what I’m doing wrong here ? I really have no clue.

The API changed a few DBs back to switch to an immutable first paradigm. So now things have a “Mutable” counterpart that you can mutate. In this case the class you want is MutableDocument. For what it’s worth this is all mentioned in the release notes. If the release notes are hard to find, though, then that is another story.

Release notes detailing all the changes :