document.getProperties() - does not exist

I’m reading through the documentation… I have…

(db is my database handling class)

Document document = db.getDocument(docid);

getProperties() does not exists… am I missing something… Document is of type com.couchbase.lite

com.couchbase.lite public class Document
extends Object
implements com.couchbase.lite.DictionaryInterface, Iterable<String>
Readonly version of the Document. Probably should be closeable.
  Gradle: com.couchbase.lite:couchbase-lite-android:3.0.0-beta02@aar

That is correct. There is no getProperties method on Document.

If you give us a little more clue about what you are trying to do, we might be able to help.

As Blake indicated, getProperties() is not a valid method. Not sure where you got that information from - can you point us to to the documentation link so we can fix that…

Sounds like you are trying to retrieve the contents of the document. You should use one of the many type getters. It’s also quite common to use the toMap() to get a native map object. Alternatively, starting 3.0 (beta), we have a new toJson() convenience API that should return the JSON equivalent of the Document that you can then decode as needed.