Create document causes intermittent null reference exception on Android

I am getting a null reference exception intermittently whenever I create a new document and then storing new values. I am using Couchbase Lite .NET deployed to an Xamarin Android app. Anyone seeing this issue and have a solution or is this a bug ?

[MonoDroid] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
[MonoDroid] at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary2<string, System.WeakReference>.Insert (string,System.WeakReference,bool) <0x00510> [MonoDroid] at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary2<string, System.WeakReference>.set_Item (string,System.WeakReference) <0x00057>
[MonoDroid] at Couchbase.Lite.Database.GetDocument (string) <IL 0x00065, 0x0033f>
[MonoDroid] at Couchbase.Lite.Database.CreateDocument () <IL 0x00006, 0x00067>