GET/SET cache value took time to complete

Hello all,

i’m a new member her. i have been using couchbase for sometimes now. lately on my production server have some problem that related to GET/SET cache value. sometimes when i get or set a value to cache it took so long to complete (>5sec). sometimes it got canceled by the ReceivedTimeout (default 10sec). this problem happened intermittenly. at first i thought it was network problem, but when i try it on the same machine it also happened so i suspect there is something wrong with the couchbase server.

anyone can enlight me what cause this problem ? any optimization settings need to be done ? any solution that can helm this problem ?

here is the version i use :
Coucbase Version: 2.1.1 community edition (build-764)
Couchbase Client .NET SDK 1.3
Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise


anyone ? please help

Hi Hendra,
That’s a really old Couchbase version. Is it possible for you to update to a newer version, like 4.1 CE? Couchbase as a company stopped supporting 2.1 in December of 2014 ( I’m personally not familiar with it so I wouldn’t even know what logs are available. Maybe someone will come along who can help answer that; but that might be why you haven’t heard from anyone.

Hello WillGardella,

thanks for replying.

upgrade to latest version is final option cause the couchbase already evolve so much. there will be so much changes in code to apply latest update.

i hope there is someone still know that version to help me :p.

thanks :slight_smile: