Can't get data from couchbase server

Hi Bros,

I’m using couchbase server 2.5
My server has 24 cores and 64GB RAM.
I have 3 couchbase buckets on this.
Ops per second ~ 4k
RAM usage ~ 60%
I/O ~ 100%

Sometime, I can’t get data from DB when execute get function.
Can you give me a solution to always get data success.

Many thanks,
Manh Hung

Can you be more specific about what happens when you do a get()? What client language, what is the response?

Also, 2.5 is at this point rather old. Many improvements have been made, some of which fix known issues. Have you considered upgrading to a 3.x release?

Dear ingenthr,

Thank for replying.
I used java and spymemcached at client side.
My buckets used 75% memory.
I think it is cause?