Generate I/O to a backing store using the Java Load Generator

Hi, I am evaluating a high performance storage enclosure with Couchbase cluster nodes. When I use the Java Load Generator to load and run a workload it doesn’t generate any I/O to the storage subsystem even though I limited the RAM. Any suggestions?

Ah, that’s where we need to do some wiki maintenance. Apologies for that. @daschl has a more modern client for this called RoadRunner.

@daschl: maybe you can add that to the wiki?

@ingenthr yes I’ll do that.

@fa1115 note that the linked road runner has an older Java SDK dependency, please pick the latest 1.4. Also, we are in the process of rewriting it for the 2.0 SDK, so if you want to use that you need to write something on your own currently - although I’d be happy to review it!

Or do you just want to generate some load (not necessarily with java?) Then you can also look at pillowfight: Just install the “libcouchbase” toolchain on your OS and run it from the command line.

Thanks for the quick reply. Which load-driving tool would you suggest to drive YCSB workloads?