Cbworkloadgen.exe question

I am interested in testing the impact of different sized json documents on the get performance of Couchbase.

So I created an empty bucket and ran these tests:
cbworkloadgen.exe -n dccbs01cls:8091 -r 0 -i 5000 -j -s 2500 -b test -t 10 -u Administrator -p

cbworkloadgen.exe -n dccbs01cls:8091 -r 0 -i 5000 -j -s 25000 -b test -t 10 -u Administrator -p

cbworkloadgen.exe -n dccbs01cls:8091 -r 0 -i 5000 -j -s 250000 -b test -t 10 -u Administrator -p

It created zero documents as expected but never completes. I manually stop it.

My question is what exactly is it doing if -r = 0 and the bucket it is supposed to be reading from is empty? I see Get and Ops occurring against the bucket so it seems like something is happening I am sure unsure as to what.


I’m not sure a ratio of ‘0’ will work - unless you manually create documents which the correct keys in advance. Probably what’s happening is cbworkloadgen is attempting to GET document names which don’t exist.

I’d suggest trying a very low ratio (e.g. 0.001).

Additionally if you want to really push the server you might want to look at cbc pillowfight (part of libcouchbase tools) which supports a multi-threaded client (and can normally push the cluster much harder).