FTS index building repeats over and over again

Enterprise 6.5.


I made an edit to the FTS index and clicked ok and then update index.

The UI behind the search link of the servers panel displays the building process. The docs indexed and the percentage done.

It does what it does and then gets to completion and then … starts again. docs=0 %=0

Must be the 10th time now.

So I though I’d be clever.

I cloned the index, hoping the clone would build and then I could delete the main index and rename the copy or else clone that with the right name, but no luck.

The original index is in its build cycle (over and over again) and so is the clones building…

What information can I give you to help me work this out?

ok I just deleted both indexes and created a new one via the rest api. hopefully that’s that.

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