Indexes being rebuilt on startup

I am running Community Edition 6.5.1 build 6299 single node on Ubuntu Server latest LTS.
I notice CouchBase Server rebuilds all FTS indexes each time the box is rebooted. Is it expected behavior or a result of improper shutdown? Would adding another node to a cluster prevent it?

hey @skaryshev,

This is certainly not an expected behaviour. And without analysing the fts.log, it is difficult to point out the exact reason.
Hard to say whether adding a node now will help or not. It could help only if the current FTS node was highly under resourced to catch up with KV nodes.(there were heavy mutations happening at the kv/data nodes.)

Was your FTS indexes completed indexing activity/100% completed when the box was rebooted?

Meantime, I couldn’t follow what you mean by latest LTS?


LTS is short for Long Term Support - opposite to Cutting Edge release (Ubuntu roll-out terminology ). All FTS indexes were 100% complete before reboot. fts.log is pretty long, what particularity to look for? grep expression would be helpful
Thank you