Error while establishing TCP connection


I’m unable to connect to my remote hosts with couchnode (1.2.4).
My Couchbase version is 2.2.0

Seems like the initialization succeeds:
var db = new couchbase.Connection({host: ‘MyIPHere:8091’});

But, when I try to insert a document I get an Error:
code:24,message:“Error while establishing TCP connection”

The port is open and the ip is accessible to me, I’ve also tried using port 8092 and other ports from the network documentation. Connecting to my local Couchbase (2.5.0) also works.

Any ideas here?

More than likely you do not have all of the ports open that you need on the Couchbase server. Please see and see if this helps with the errors you are getting.

i have also the problem?!

how comes this that i can connect wit alle programming lang. but not with node?
Is it node or just the SDK is buggy?