Couchbase SDK 4.x Connection Error

I recently installed Couchbase SDK 4.2 using node version ‘16.14.2’ and npm version ‘8.5.0’.
When I am trying to connect to my remote database server, it is throwing an error “request_canceled”.
Can someone help me? Please check the attached screenshots for the code I am using and for the error I am getting.

and please check the error logs got using “CBPPLOGLEVEL”=“trace”

Can someone help me out from this.

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@Praneeth_Bitra Did this get resolved?


Hi @ppampana1, the issue is not resolved yet. I am waiting for the @Couchbase team to reply back.

Please use SDK Doctor to diagnose sdk connectivity issues. SDK Doctor | Couchbase Docs
The code snippets you’ve provided don’t show the values of the url etc. being used to make the connection.
(btw - screen-shot images are not searchable - it is preferred to have the actual text).

Hi, @mreiche Thanks for the SDK Doctor suggestion. I really helped to understand the issue and to fix it.