Couchbase SDK 4.1.0 Connection Error

I recently installed Couchbase SDK 4.1.0 using node version ‘16.14.2’ and npm version ‘8.5.0’.
When I am trying to connect to my remote database server, it is throwing an error “request_canceled”.
Can someone help me? Please check the attached screenshots for the code i am using and for the error I am getting.

Hi @Praneeth_Bitra

Would you be able to enable logging by setting the environment variable CBPPLOGLEVEL to trace. This should help to diagnose the issue

Hi @jrawsthorne ,
Thanks for the reply.
I tried the above-suggested
method and found some details that, the connection is established first and later it is getting disconnected. Please check the screenshot once.

Would you be able to post the full log up until that error. It might help to understand why the server is closing the connection

Hi @jrawsthorne
After a long search, I found that node version 16.x is not supporting the COUCHBASE4.x. So, i degraded my couchbase SDK version to 3.x. Then it started working.

Thanks for helping me.

Hi @Praneeth_Bitra

Node 16.x is tested and supported. If you have the same code which runs with v3 but not v4 that is a bug that we’d like to investigate. Would it be possible for you to share the logs?

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I am having the same issue.

[Nest] 187   - 06/30/2022, 12:08:11 PM   [Database Provider] Object:
  "code": 2
[Nest] 187   - 06/30/2022, 12:08:11 PM   [ExceptionHandler] request_canceled +1ms
Error: request_canceled