Error on GW / REST API - no available couch rest URLs


During tests on our app today, it seems like the couchbase Admin Rest API stopped functionning.

We got this error on a Post Request to create USER :

WARNING: channelComputer.ComputeChannelsForPrincipal failed on &{{TomSpear2015_11_9_1449660865481 %!s(uint64=0)} { %!s(bool=false) <nil> []} %!s(*auth.Authenticator=&{{0xc20803dd40 { default default <nil>}} 0xc208152000}) []}: no available couch rest URLs -- auth.(*Authenticator).rebuildChannels() at auth.go:141

“TomSpear2015_11_9_1449660865481” is the username POSTED to ADMIN API.

Besides, as we are still using lames infrastructures and our monitoring system alert us often about low memory situations.

Well my question is :

Is it possible that this error and the Admin API crash is due to the running often out-of-memory