Admin login required problem

Hi, I’m literally going insane of how insufficient details about authentication is given in the docs.

step 1: create sync gateway with server username and password with bootstrap json–> OK
step 2: create database with admin REST api --header 'Authorization: Basic c3luY19nYXRld2F5OnBhc3N3b3Jk' (ok where this strange text come from? is it password? what is it?) also only hint is Note we are using Basic Authentication here to authenticate against an existing Couchbase Server RBAC user

well as a newbie and junior it took me a whole day just to uncover what Basic authentication mean here, to be honest I didn’t even search it at first place and I thought it is something to do with Couchbase itself, so I searched your docs and found nothing only to realize it’s actually not related to Couchbase and is described somewhere else.

could you change the docs and add a hint that it is actually just user:password encoded as base64? maybe experienced people don’t need it but it sure saves time for others like me.


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Thanks for the feedback on this. I’ll forward this to the documentation team.


Thanks @Mahdi_Baghbani and @biozal.
Looks like this issue has been raise internally too
I’ll follow this up.